Nerve-sparing RRP Preserves Potency and Continence

Nerve-sparing RRP (radical prostatectomy) can result in preserving potency and continence with a low complication rate.

Complications can be reduced with increasing surgeon experience.

The June 19 Wall Street Journal contained an article on nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy. Information included six surgeons with considerable experience in nerve-sparing surgery.

Age and Potency with
Bilateral Nerve-sparing Prostatectomy
From Dr. Catalona's patients 1992-2002

Under 50 50-59 60-69 over 70
94% 86% 72% 52%

Presented by Dr. Catalona
at the American Urological Association Meeting in May

Dr. Catalona is listed with his more than 3200 patients (He has performed more nerve-sparing prostatectomies than any other surgeon.) and a record, which includes all ages, of 92% continence and 78% potency.

Age is a definite factor in recovering potency after a nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy.

Better results are achieved in young men with early stage disease.